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The Lib Dem leader remains defiant in the face of a poll squeeze one week from election day.
The SNP and Tories riding high in the polls as Lib Dems squeezed - but could Swinson's East Dunbartonshire constituency fall to a rival?
Neither the Labour Party nor the Tories have a functional plan for today’s British foreign policy, Chuka Umunna writes.
If the Red Wall does crack during the general election, the next war will be within Labour.
Party leader has pivoted her position away from claiming she could become PM.
Like millions of fellow voters, on both sides of the Brexit divide, I feel angry and let down by our political system, Andrew Morris writes.
Chuka Umunna, senior Liberal Democrat and former Labour MP, joins Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to talk about the first full week of the general election campaign. Nigel Farage has delivered the first truly big moment of the campaign but is his pledge to not fight the Tories in their constituencies the game changer he thinks? Meanwhile, the Lib Dems are under pressure to back pro-EU Labour MPs.
Jo Swinson hit by row over potentially splitting the Remain vote in Labour marginals.
Former Tory justice secretary will stand as an independent at the election.
Kevin McNamara, the party’s candidate for Thurrock, said he was “deeply sorry for the comments".