liberal feminism

That any objection to pornographic material is characterised as anti-sex puritanism illustrates just how effective the porn industry has been in aligning its product with sexual liberation rather than sexual exploitation. Pornographers have successfully taken acts of dominance, cruelty and abuse and called it sex.
The women's liberation movement is the one place that is ours, the one place where we can centre the interests of women, and we must be bold and unflinching as we challenge male entitlement to women's bodies. If men like our feminism and if it gives them erections, we're doing it wrong.
When it's time to work on something that we all agree on, whether its saying Yes to the EU or No to David Cameron, (neither issues that Tory back benchers seem that unified on...) there is no reason to assume we'll be less effective for all of our partner groups. As a matter of fact, the evidence suggests quite the opposite.
Any questioning is effectively silenced with the labels 'whorephobic' or 'transphobic;' trans issues may be discussed only from a position of 'cis privilege' and the voices of a minority of individual sex workers override any structural criticism of the sex industry.