liberal interventionism

Tony Blair put pressure on South Africa to take military action to topple Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, the country's
Sorely under-used today, chickenhawk was a popular expression during Vietnam. It describes an individual, often a politician, who clamours for war while avoiding military service. George W. Bush is a prime example.
Cameron's words continue a worrying trend, demonstrating an eagerness to get involved in yet another region he knows little about, to eliminate an idea which has not been destroyed with might in the past, and to solve a problem which previous interventions have created.
The post 9-11 world showed how fragile we were, but how strong democracies could be. Revolutions in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and others provide the true insight into the political aspirations of the Arab people.
There are lessons to be learned once the proverbial dust settles and lessons that will not take away from the righteous celebrations now taking place across Libya.