libor scandal

Debates are raging on social media over the 14-year-sentence handed down to convicted Libor-rate rigger Tom Hayes earlier
City trader Tom Hayes, 35, was jailed for 14 years on Monday over the rigging of Libor rates after being found guilty of
I just watched a documentary revealing some of the outrageous behaviour from UK banks in their dealings with small and medium businesses. It's a cliche I usually try to avoid, but this really does beggar belief, especially from two of the banks the tax payer bailed out to the tune of billions of pounds of our money!
Royal Bank of Scotland has avoided a multi-million pound fine from the European Commission after it blew the whistle on a
A lack of women in bank boardrooms could be to blame for the scandals and excesses that emerged during the financial crisis
Bankers caught mis-selling financial products to consumers should not be able to justify their actions by saying "they were
We've become accustomed to financial scandals these last few years. Never before have we had so little trust in finance. You'll remember the PPI, LIBOR, toxic mortgage-backed securities scandals and much more.
Big banks have yet to start cleaning up their act following a string of mis-selling scandals and controversies like the fixing
Big banks like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and JP Morgan could ban their traders from online chat rooms in order
The Bank of England has sparked outrage for spending nearly £9,200 on two leaving parties for former deputy governor Paul