libyan uprising

The fight for Libya did not end with the death of Gaddafi. There are still many years of struggle ahead. Struggles for a new national identity, struggles for the development of new freedoms, educational systems, and of the new Libyan civil society. Over the coming months we aim to bring together young writers, photographers, film makers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and academics to share their stories with the world.
In Britain, our student political battles, in comparison, can feel a little boring. Stepping outside and engaging with other students internationally is healthy - the NUS is an organisation with a global reach. My time in Libya reminded me that students have always been the courageous force of change - which is precisely why Gadaffi targeted them.
For a truly democratic system to emerge in Libya, Islamists must be part of the process. Whether their claims to support pluralism are genuine or whether they hide a more hardline and intolerant agenda remains to be seen, however.