After going through the programme, she will earn on average five times more than she did at enrolment. This boost in household income results in better nutrition and family health, and keeps children in school.
We welcomed our latest intake of graduates last week. I was explaining our agency ethos to them: how we put the 'R' back into CRM (customer relationship management) and build genuine relationships between customers and brands.
Some of the biggest retail brands in the country that the UK retail market, across categories, is in a process of evolution. The next stage of progress depends on how well new technologies are integrated into the overall retail experience.
A trip to the Cannes Lions Festival provides a great opportunity to sit back and mull over the changes in the world of brand communications over the last decade. So, glass of rosé in hand, I can give you a (not rosé-tinted I promise) perspective on the direct category.
Earlier this year, Senta Slingerland, Director of Brand Strategy for Cannes Lions came to talk to M&C Saatchi Group. It was a great insight into what was winning at Cannes 2013 - and why. Again and again, the same themes cropped up; Purpose. Story-telling. And data.
The advertising industry is in transition. In this, the most auspicious period and disruptive period in recent history, attracting, growing and retaining agency talent is critical. But in this unprecedented market, what does 'talent' even look like?
When I started out in business I was very lucky to work with someone who listened to me, shared their knowledge and skills, and basically helped my working experience become an enjoyable one. In short, this colleague was my mentor. A mentor can be anyone who helps you grow by sharing their knowledge with you, offering advice, and being genuinely concerned about you and your success.