Life Hacks

Your life is so close to being perfect. If only things would stop annoying you. Fortunately, you do not have to look much further. Here are four easy fixes of everyday niggles, so you can live carefree. You're welcome...
There is no such thing as an objective reality, when it comes to beauty. Beauty standards are set by money-hungry, old, white men behind big desks and these men make a lot of money off of your insecurities. The more you hate yourself, more you spend and the richer they get. You are beautiful. You are.
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She's standing there, young, beautiful... just ask her. There's nothing wrong in asking, this is the place people come for such things. So, why are you nervous? You take a deep breath, she looks up and smiles, which should make it easier, but you croak a little as you say "I was just wondering if ... bra measuring?".
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Got a can you need opening but some scamp has nicked the tin opener? Don't despair, that tuna can still be yours. All you
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A dad's attempt to use social media to shame his kids into changing the loo roll has been an enormous success -- after the
How many apples have you peeled over your lifetime? 20? 100? 1000? Well you've been doing it ever so wrong for ever so long
There's nothing worse than reaching for a drink on a hot summers day to find it's room temperature. Bleurgh. But what if
We can't really think of a time when you might need to know this particular life-skill. But you never know - so watch this
The barbecue weather's started, we've got another Bank Holiday on its way... so what better time to take a look at Buzzfeed's