"I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that" Lauren Bacall... Ms. Bacall if you run into my Grandpa up in heaven please feel free to curl up beside him and tell him the life stories etched on your beautiful face, I bet there are some great ones to share.
Funny how we always run to our friends to share our problems, yet more often than not, that's looking for answers in all the wrong places.
One key mistake that I see people make to keep them in the self-doubt and confusion. They buy into their own thinking and believe their thoughts are real. This of course is not true.
After seeing a copy of Mitchell Symons' brilliant book of advice for kids, Don't Wipe Your Bum With A Hedgehog, we asked
Mitchell Symons is a writer from London who, among many other achievements, pens hilarious children’s books. Packed with