Photo Credit: Getty Images SURFACES: BLOTTING PAPER AND HAIR DRYER FOR REMOVING CANDLE WAX If you feeling traditional and
There's a secret revolution going on: women supporting women. No trolling, no bitching, no sniping, no undermining. Instead it's all about empowering, encouraging, supporting and respecting each other.
As anyone who has ever tried to write a large body of words will know, writer's block is a very real thing. Well now an app
Own an iPhone but still not sure about all its little tricks and features? Well Apple has very kindly come up with a new
Have you always wanted to do something meaningful? Are you longing to lead a life that will really make you feel truly fulfilled? Want to build your business, or make a real change in the world? Do you know deep inside what you really wish for, and yet sense that something is holding you back? Here are seven lessons I've learned from the first year of being a solo entrepreneur.
We may think of coffee as the life-giving substance that turns us into upright human beings in the morning. But the grounds
Smartwatches are the latest idea to capture everyone's imagination in the world of tech. Even Apple is getting in on the
How many apples have you peeled over your lifetime? 20? 100? 1000? Well you've been doing it ever so wrong for ever so long