lil kim

It was no ordinary day in South East London when I sat down with a special pair of interview subjects. This two-pronged attack chose a menswear designer Alex Mattsson and his partner in creative crime, Californian-born rapper Brooke Candy.
Kim's looks have changed dramatically over the years, and she shocked fans with another new look earlier this year, after
Lovebox festival just got a whole lot more provocative... US hip hop queen Lil Kim has joined the line-up for the East London
Lil Kim changes her face more often than we change our underwear (almost), and she debuted the latest version of it earlier
With her hamster cheeks, smooth complexion and Michael Jackson nose, Lil Kim gave us a bit of a fright as she stepped out
Sorry Lil' Kim, I know it's rude to stare but... Oh. My. God. The American rapper has always looked - how can I put this