Lily Cole

Model and actor Lily Cole may be an environmentalist, but she doesn’t want to give the impression that she’s a saint. “It’s not about living perfectly, it’s about choosing your priorities,” she says of her efforts to live a sustainable lifestyle.
Model and actor Lily Cole may be an environmentalist, but she doesn’t want to give the impression that she’s a saint. “It’s
In the turbulence of our current social and political climate, stories are as important as ever. They offer gateways, mirrors and alternative possibilities, insights to ourselves and others, pathways and tools to reimagine our lives and realities.
Yesterday ten thousand Londoners from all faiths, nationalities and backgrounds came together in Trafalgar Square to watch The Salesman - the incredibly powerful exploration of revenge and forgiveness from the award-winning Iranian film director, Asghar Farhadi - followed by a performance by Damon Albarn and the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians.
We seem to be moving to an age that values access over ownership. In this shift towards experiences rather than possessions, a "sharing economy" spurned by the technology sector, is growing. Millennials increasingly stream music, films and TV, rather than buying physical copies. We download books and audiobooks to our phones. We rent out our homes, spare bedrooms, and take rides in other regular people's cars.
I'm a normal teenager, but I do go to star-studded events. On Friday night, I attended a wonderful evening with the world-renowned punk/rock fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, with my mum Gillian McKeith and my sister Skylar. This evening left quite an impression on me.
As social enterprise continues to grow at pace, we've seen the rhetoric shift from volume to one around scale. Whilst the concept of 'unicorns' (billion dollar valuation businesses), growth hacking and scaling is common speak in the technology field we are seeing more and more discussion on the concept of scale emerge in the world of social enteprise too.
There are 757million illiterate people in the world right now. And this is not a developing world problem: one in five children in the UK, or one in four in the US, leave primary school unable to read and write properly. Illiteracy is not a sexy or exciting topic. It's not confronting in its raw emotional power... People aren't directly dying or overtly suffering of illiteracy. As far as global issues go, it may feel a little vanilla. But when you look at the relationship between illiteracy and most other global issues, a statistical pattern emerges.
She's most famous for being a young, striking woman snapped up by the modelling industry at the age of just 14, but British
Lily Cole has given birth to a baby girl - her first child with boyfriend Kwame Ferreira. The 27-year-old model shared her