Lindiwe Sisulu

'The questions that come to mind when reviewing South Africa’s foreign policy are: does the country still have a role on the continent?'
The South African government has tried repeatedly to get the Australian government to take down an advisory warning its citizens to exercise caution when travelling to SA.
Commentators have observed that South Africa’s leadership in Africa has been on a downward trend in recent years.
South Africa has narrowly avoided a diplomatic row with Lesotho, after King Letsie III complained of being mistreated at the border.
Why are they on the voters' roll if they're not citizens?
Government says there is no need for "alarm" as Parliament investigates land expropration without compensation.
For South Africa's women, this historical moment must be viewed as a master class in how patriarchy functions.
Sisulu is prepared to bury the hatchet with the Ramaphosa camp.
Military vets expressed confidence in ANC presidential candidate Lindiwe Sisulu days ahead of the party's National Conference.
The king's spokesperson said the monarch expected Lindiwe Sisulu to emerge as Cyril Ramaphosa's nominated running mate.