Lindsay Lohan Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has admitted to drinking since leaving rehab, confessing her relapse during an appearance on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty
Lindsay Lohan has only been out of rehab for a few weeks, but she now reportedly feels fit to open a clinic of her own. The
Lindsay Lohan has emerged from rehab, looking distinctly brighter-eyed and bushier-tailed than we've seen her in recent times
It's not just toxic substances Lindsay Lohan is saying goodbye to. She is also reportedly removing toxic friends from her
Look up the word 'drama' in the dictionary and you'll find a pic of Lindsay Lohan staring back at you (maybe). Yep, it's
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly ready to leave rehab once her court-ordered 90 days are up. However, reports claim she has been
Another day, another rehab-related Lindsay Lohan story. The latest to emerge on the 'Mean Girls' star's court-ordered stint
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly fled from a rehab facility just minutes after she was admitted. The troubled actress was slated
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been offered a job as a blogger once she's done with her court-ordered rehab stint. The troubled
Lindsay Lohan's personal and professional life has slowly unravelled over the last few years in one of the most dramatic slow motion 'life' car crashes of all time resulting in her being the subject of tabloid scrutiny and public derision.