Lindsay Sandiford

The ambassador of Indonesia will make his allotted intervention at the beginning of the Commission meeting with the usual self-congratulatory script that most governments will follow. So it always proceeds. But it will be all the more difficult to stomach this year. It takes just one representative to stand up and walk out to make a diplomatic statement far greater than any consensus resolution.
British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford may have lost one of her last chances to avoid the firing squad, as the new President
A grandmother on death row in Indonesia for drug trafficking has lost a battle over a government policy to not fund legal
A woman on death row in Indonesia with "one last chance" of challenging her sentence is appealing to the UK's highest court
Hundreds of Britons are locked up in squalid conditions overseas, without trial, for drug related offences that could carry
A former police community support officer is facing the death penalty is facing the death penalty after admitting trafficking
The British grandmother sentenced to death for trafficking drugs into Bali has had her appeal rejected. Indonesia's supreme
It is shameful that the Government is not taking all the steps that it can to prevent a British national from being executed for drug offences, and it will be yet another stain on our moral and legal reputation worldwide if Mrs Sandiford is executed following the Government's inaction.
A British grandmother facing the death penalty for drug smuggling in Bali has lodged an appeal at Indonesia's Supreme Court
A British grandmother facing the death penalty in Bali after being convicted of drug smuggling said she feels let down by