Lindsay Sandiford

Those in favour of capital punishment point out that if it's so obvious it's worse than life imprisonment, then this harsher consequence should logically be a stronger deterrent to criminals. This is a major justification for the death penalty.
Lindsay Sandiford is the second British citizen to be sentenced to death for drug offences in Indonesia in recent months
The death sentence upon British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford for drug trafficking in Indonesia has sent shockwaves through
British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford has been sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug trafficking. Sandiford, originally
A British woman on trial in Indonesia for drug trafficking is expected to tell a court on Monday that she only became involved
A British woman is facing 15 years in jail in Bali for her alleged role in a cocaine smuggling ring. Prosecutors have asked
Lindsay Sandiford, the British housewife who faces the death penalty for smuggling £1.6million of cocaine in her luggage
The British mother arrested in Bali on suspicion of drug trafficking has told how she cannot eat or sleep. Rachel Dougall
A British woman being held over a £1.6 million cocaine haul in Indonesia has been taken to hospital, according to reports
A six-year-old girl faces losing her mother after the British woman was arrested over a £1.6 million cocaine haul in Indonesia