Bronx Zoo officials are now pursuing a criminal trespass charge against the unidentified woman.
Travis Kauffman tells the tale of how he took on a mountain lion which had been tracking him as he walked a mountain trail. He had to jam his foot onto the animal's neck and hold it there until the cat quit thrashing and died. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers retrieved the dead cat and Kauffman was taken to hospital.
Lions at London Zoo were given a special autumnal treat when zookeepers added cinnamon, cardamon and clove scents to piles of leaves for them to roll in.
Probably a good thing he didn't turn around. 🦁
A nine-month-old baby was completely oblivious to the havoc going on behind him when he was sat in front of a lion’s enclosure
The oldest cub of Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the lion has reportedly been shot dead by a big game hunter. Travel firm Lions
He may not have taken home the golden statue, but Dev has given us something far more valuable: a genuine and authentic representation of people like us for the first time.
Look. At. The. Shoes. If you thought you were riding this Pawar train solo, we're here to assure you that Twitter also had