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MPs have approved proposals to allow fracking under national parks and other protected areas, prompting Labour to call for
A Tory MP stunned fellow parliamentarians after defending the benefits system that left a jobseeker with learning difficulties
Throughout our history charities and other civil society groups have acted as a buffer between the individual and the state and consistently spoken truth to power. In challenging times this is a voice we badly need to hear. Let's put charities back at the heart of society, for real this time.
It would be "impossible" for Labour to do a deal with the Liberal Democrats after the next election if Nick Clegg remained
The polls suggest Miliband isn't a popular leader - even with Labour voters "I don’t think you can because when you represent
Future governments will see this for what it is - a joke of an act, aimed at cleaning up political sleaze by deflecting the problem onto anyone but the house itself. We have an ignorantly narrow definition of lobbying, a register that will not cover 80% of lobbyists, and a scope so bizarrely narrow it could only be supported by those who haven't the faintest clue about lobbying.
The controversial Lobbying Bill, which narrowly passed through the Lords on Tuesday, is now almost certain to become law. It's a bill about lobbyists, political campaigning regulation but it matters as much to the people I represent in Wigan as it does to the Westminster bubble because it tells a story of why so many people don't believe in politics.
Today the findings of an Inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Corporate Responsibility - a group I chair - will reveal that one UK government body has been able to operate under the radar, at times offering little regard to these concerns.
Good relationships are crucial to children's lives and that very often the social worker is the critical adult in a vulnerable young person's life. Ensuring we have excellent, highly motivated people who are empowered to do better by children than they currently can is a priority.
Before I was elected to Parliament I spent nearly a decade working with and for some of the most vulnerable children in the country, who left me in no doubt that a good relationship with an adult they trusted mattered to them above all else.