lisa nandy

There are not enough incentives in the UK's economy to reward business that chooses to take a responsible, sustainable and long-term approach. Similarly, there is a distinct lack of disincentives to deter businesses from irresponsible choices.
The Government has handed over more than £18.6 million to schools to help them turn into academies, figures show. Union leaders
Nearly 16 years after the landmark Disability Discrimination Act gave hope to people with disabilities up and down the country, my disabled constituents still cannot travel to work, shop or see friends without risking indignity, humiliation and abuse.
In questions to the Justice Secretary last week, Ken Clarke accused the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination of being 'disingenuous' for claiming that his proposals would make it more difficult for victims of human rights abuse by British-based multi-nationals to gain access to justice.