Listening Skills

To avoid using social listening is to avoid generating potential leads, fixing clients' complaints, and staying ahead of competitors.
Do we read the words, hear them, feel them and understand the emotions that led to their uttering? Communication of course is far more than verbal.
So good listening can enhance the feeling of rapport. Knowing how to respond and gauging the mood of the person you have been listening to will maintain the rapport, and help the talker to realise you have been listening.
My cajoling didn't work with my son, but losing my temper made the situation a million times worse. What did I expect? My son could not see I was upset or angry and stop and rationalise his fears about school, he was far too agitated himself.
One young person in every ten will experience mental health difficulties in any given year; it is therefore essential that parents are open about the subject and are comfortable in talking about it.
Grief is entirely individual, and the grieving person has to respond to their grief in a way that is relevant to them. How they respond may change over time. The difficulty with the platitudes detailed above is that they infer a judgement about how the person is grieving, the time they are taking over their grief, or how they are feeling.