The lack of effort by municipalities to encourage recycling by requiring householders to sort their waste into categories is scandalous.
The Bali I dreamed of growing up was not the Bali that exists today--all thanks to the careless acts of tourists.
Her act of kindness could leave her seriously out of pocket.
A teenager has been summoned to court and faces a £100 fine for feeding a chip to a pigeon after a council official claimed
But an increasing number of people clearly cannot be bothered to put their rubbish in the bins or take it home. Take-away wrappers, containers, cutlery, bottles, cans... they are all left there, just dumped. Often with many balloons and laughing gas canisters. So, on most days I pick up litter
Anti-social spitters could be fined up to £500 if they sully the streets of Enfield, after the first law of its kind is introduced
MPs have backed a council's bid to ban spitting on the streets and make it a criminal offence. Communities and Local Government