Little Dish

The recent news reports about the launch of a mobile phone for four-year-olds have caused a real stir in the media and raise questions around the role of technology in family life. Is there really a need for a four-year-old to have his or her own mobile phone?
The point is that being a mum, whether you are working or not working, is no easy feat. Shouldn't we be supportive of each other regardless of our choice (or non-choice) about whether to work or not? At the very least, surely we shouldn't pass judgment on each other.
Everyone wants the best for their children. But when you can't trust what is written on food labels, it's impossible to feel sure you are making positive choices for your family. As a working Mum, I know how hard it is to do a long day in the office and then come home to try and figure out what I'm going to cook for supper.