livia firth

The passion and commitment Livia has to effect positive change in the world’s second most polluting industry is crystal clear
Thursday 16th November marked the 7th Annual Lovie Awards, honouring the best of the European Internet and recognising the
sustainable fashion.jpg For me fashion has always been a feminist issue - not only because clothes can empower you, but also because the clothes we wear are most likely being sown and made by other women - so we carry their stories with us every single day.
Keira Knightley and were also out to support Livia Firth.
Victoria Beckham made her first London Fashion Week appearance of the season at a party to champion sustainable fashion. Beckham
Sustainable fashion never looked more stunning.
Livia Firth looked flawless on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, but for her, the focus was all about the green carpet
Forget about the red carpet looks at the 2016 Oscars, for some celebrities it was all about the green carpet... the Green
The Allina, Abbi and Ibbi Dresses from the Erdem GCC Collection Livia Firth and Erdem Moralioglu were joined by Anna Wintour
Fast fashion corporations have outsourced production to poor countries. In the process, they enslave them by addicting them to the idea of enrichment and start driving production costs down with volumes. Like any good pusher, they offer their potential clients a great deal, only to get them addicted.