living room ideas

A Living Room Gig Photo: Josh Savage Despite successful tours in the UK and France, Josh was daunted by the prospect of touring
Living in a tiny house or apartment may not be for everyone; but sometimes it isn't necessarily by choice. Densely populated inner city life means we are building upwards instead of outwards, so compact living spaces without access to an outdoor area are becoming the norm.
Don't let a small living room be the bane of your home life or the Achilles heel of your future design plans. You can have just as much fun with style and furniture even within the confines of a small space - you just need to spend a little more time in the planning stages, rather than jumping straight in.
From entertaining friends and playing family games to watching the TV or reading a book, we demand more of the living room
Your living room is the focal point of your home and needs to be designed with comfort and practicality in mind - it's the