Living the Dream

here is this magical perfect time that most people are waiting for, when the universe will say it is YOU. Your turn, I listened to your pleas, I struck a few deals, twisted a few arms for here you go!
When you're openly polyamorous, you're so used to criticism that it starts to be rather trite and almost inevitable. But whilst hearing it from strangers doesn't hurt, hearing it from your new boyfriend's Mum might be a little more personal.
It's been a whirlwind six years. I was 16 when I founded my business, Living the Dream Performing Arts Company, back in 2006. I'd been offered a place at the National Youth Theatre and, unfortunately (or not so, with hindsight!) I didn't have the means to fund my own course fees.
Young entrepreneurs could be offered Government loans to help them start up a business along similar lines to the loans which