living together

Turn the clock back to the 1960s and cohabitating with a partner was viewed as being immoral and disrespectful, but today the picture is rather different.
I (together with my husband of eight years) am happy to be among the few who decided to wait until after our wedding day to live under the same roof
3. Sometimes, for a treat, you sit on the same sofa... When you first start dating, not only do you insist on always sitting on the same chair, you will sit as much of yourself on top of the other person as you can. But then time starts to pass and with that comes the realisation that, actually, the most comfortable way to sit is alone
The conundrum is, how can marriage be a morally superior course of action on the one hand, and an insurance policy for a statistically high divorce possibility on the other?  The two just don't quite fit together somehow.
Beyoncé knows. Valérie Trierweiler should have insisted that François Hollande "put a ring on it". This column is a little 'en retard' for the French first lady, but here's 10 things you ought to know before you decide to cohabit....
This may not seem like the most romantic of things to do at an exciting time when you are about to move in together, but it could save a lot of heart ache in the future. If you are considering doing this then here are a few tips...
It's not that I hadn't lived with men before; I grew up suffering dead arms from my older brother. But this didn't quash my fear when the time came to move in with the other half, it made the uncertainty worse.
As a family lawyer, I have often had to break the news to clients that they do not have the ability to claim any financial support against their ex-partner, even if they've been living together for years. So what are the key facts that couples living together should be aware of?
Yes after 42 years, my long cherished independence was under imminent threat. My single days cooked. I was 'caving in', going to live with - you guessed it, the Glam Rocker. This was a completely unnatural scenario for me.
An estimated one in six people are now cohabiting with their partner as the number of married couples in England and Wales