living wage

On Sunday night, as the crowds left the stadium War on Want beamed a 65 feet high image on a building opposite the Olympic park, exposing Adidas exploitation.
I'm fighting jet lag after returning from touring Australia, though still can't wait for my gig on Tuesday
Universities not paying the living wage to their employees will be named and shamed by unions in a bid to encourage all institutions
It would seem to me, that if one could say that an endemic culture of utter disregard for fairness exists within the highest echelons of Topshop, and that women at home and abroad are disproportionately harmed by this endemic disregard, then women who care should vote with their purses and boycott Topshop with immediate effect.
Britain’s biggest public sector union has called for a "substantial increase" in the minimum wage by next autumn, ahead of
Ed Miliband has put great stock in renewing what he calls 'The British Promise'. Essentially, it is the idea that each generation should enjoy a higher standard of living than the generation who went before.
hy Christians (and the rest of us) need to develop a better philosophy of what work should be, and why being a landlord or investor doesn't really count, despite what the right-wing Church says.
A student recently asked me an excellent question: "Your work in emerging markets involves a lot of unemployed people and a lot of poor people. Why is the minimum wage local, while at least one poverty line is global?"