Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne won't be signing a pre-nuptial agreement before they tie-the-knot, the cricket legend has reportedly
For 364 days of the year I can speak and think rationally about breast cancer, and for many of those days I'm actively fundraising or trying to raise awareness about the disease. But on day 365, I'm in a panic.
It's common knowledge that Liz Hurley has a passion for pink but yesterday, she swapped her staple shade for another statement
Congratulations in order for Liz Hurley and Shane Warne! According to the Daily Mail, the Australian cricketer popped the
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley have become engaged. The 42-year-old former Australian Test cricketer
We joined Estée Lauder model Elizabeth Hurley at London's Selfridges this morning to kick off this year's Breast Cancer Awareness
Elizabeth Hurley has been busy filming scenes for the next series of Gossip Girl over in New York, but the star took a break
I turned 39 last week. I am now 366 days away from fashion armageddon.
For the hordes of us who had Euromillions tickets that turned out to be worth precisely sod all, the point of buying them was so that the money could change us. It's what the Lottery is for: if I wanted to stay the same, I'd spend my £2 on some pork-scratchings or a gel pen, not on the chance to win £161 million.
For a long time, Elizabeth Hurley has been more famous for her love life than for her acting, but these new snaps show the