No no, we're not talking Lynx Africa, we're talking potent pheromones that get your heart racing without you even realising it.
Like everyone else who doesn't have a high wall to hide behind when the country's poorest eventually resort to sexually violent cannibalistic rioting, I was quite disappointed by the 2015 General Elections.
This week has been all about deadly animals around the world, so today we thought we should take a look at the world's most dangerous and deadly regions where you might just find yourself face-to-face with some of these creatures.
Congratulations, it’s a … lizard. Well that’s what the Indonesian press are reporting emerged from the womb of an expectant
A New Yorker claims she received extra greens in her kale salad – in the form of a severed lizard’s head. Robin Sandusky
A mysterious lizard, described by experts as "a real underdog," has been bred in the UK for the first time. The arrival of
Turns out baby lizards like having their bellies rubbed. Well, they're only human. No, wait... (Via Tastefully Offensive
Don't you just hate it when a chameleon comes in for dinner and doesn't wash its hands before sitting down at the table? Honestly
There's Mitt Romney who looks a bit constipated, then there's Barrack Obama who is too serious to make fun of. And then there's the actual politics. It's not going anywhere. It's stuck. They're all still arguing about the same things they were arguing about two years ago.
These are the breathtaking pictures of the world's largest stone forest - made up of hundreds of razor sharp vertical rocks