Local election

General secretary Jennie Formby backs Electoral Commission's call for May's local elections to be postponed.
“We are ready for the best election we have ever had," party leaders say in wake of climate protests and local election gains.
District council elections have been postponed in Northamptonshire.
Outdated first-past-the-post rules means that with hundreds of council seats being contested by only two parties, millions of voters will be unable to vote for their preferred party
Voter ID is an easy way of updating an outdated identification system from the Victorian era
The vote in 8,000 council seats takes place on May 2.
We need change to help support the rights of trans people across the country
The recent European elections were certainly a wake-up call for the major political parties and the Westminster political class in the UK, but it takes a bit of interpretation to be clear exactly what the message the electorate delivered was.