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The Labour leader is under fire after removing his deputy Angela Rayner from a key role - but allies insist she was not sacked.
Good Law Project raises concern over misuse of “Build Back Better”, which is being deployed in videos bearing Downing Street crest.
Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth are joined by Tory peer and polling expert Lord Robert Hayward to discuss whether the success of the rollout compared to the EU’s haphazard jabbing programme could help the Tories at the ballot box, what the by-election in Hartlepool means for Labour, and how the infighting in the SNP might affect their Holyrood seats and calls for a second independence referendum.
But government faces demands to extend the right unilaterally beyond next year.
Voters were due to elect councillors and city region mayors on May 7.
All you need to know before heading to the polls.
Conservative candidate won in local elections in Prince Charles's home town earlier this month with the help of a 'doubtful' vote.
The HuffPost UK politics team take a look at another breathtaking week for Britain staying in Europe. Nope, we're not talking the football, it's Theresa May trying to stay on the field deep into injury time as she seeks Labour's support on the wings for her beleaguered Brexit deal. Will Tanner, Director of Tory think-tank Onward joins the team to see what's next, who's on the subs bench and how many more laboured football puns we can shoo into this week's talks.
If we’ve proved something, it’s that working locally with the wellbeing of all living things in mind can not only be done – it can also be rewarded at the ballot box
As Green gains entered the hundreds and Labour and Tory losses mounted, England's voters made their feelings clear about the old, two party-dominant system