local news blooper

9News anchors Kathy Sabine and Kyle Clark are well known around their native Colorado for their rather unconventional on
Live TV is a tricky one - it's useful when you want to stay current, but you can't really trust the general public to stick
It's been a busy year for those of us who love to watch news broadcasters slipping up. If you're one of us, check out the
Black Friday is a stressful time for everyone over in the states, particularly those poor local news reporters sent out into
They say you should never work on camera with animals or children, and this video is definitely proof of that. It's also
Fox 5 reporter Brad Wills was casually reporting from San Diego beach on Friday when he was attacked by a giant flying bug
There's something about BBC reporters always needing something in their hands. Remember that time Simon McCoy went on air
News video-bombs are always funny. But this one went a bit differently to your usual person-dancing-in-the-background blooper
No, this isn't a scene from Eight Legged Freaks - it's an actual weather broadcast from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Meteorologist
Live TV can be a bit of a struggle, especially in hot climates, cold weather, when children are around, etc. So here's a