Lola Saunders

Meanwhile, so far this series the “girls” category has been pretty much dominated by Lola Saunders. We’ve seen her chatting
Saturday night we were left waiting at Simon's LA home, (no, not a bad thing) just as his decision on his chosen three was about to be announced. Back home now, with no time to settle, here we go. The three acts Simon is taking to the live shows are Jay James, Fleur East and thankfully Team Midas' Ben Haenow. Well done all.
Deep breaths everyone. If you thought the room and arena auditions were intense, you've seen nothing yet. 12 acts just 6 chairs. Ladies and gentlemen... it's time to face bootcamp.
Right calm down ladies, flying in first is US Air Forceman Charlie, 'Yes Sir' Martinez-Henandez. At his first audition nearly all of the ladies, and most of the men for that matter, fainted.
We’re pleased to report that the ‘X Factor’ arena auditions are once again over for another year. Aside from adding a few
The opening X Factor shows last weekend were by far the most entertaining for years. Saturday night TV (and Sunday of course
Our guilty pleasure crush from last year’s series has come back for another crack at ‘The X Factor’, and he is looking even