First Turkey hated Twitter, then it really hated YouTube. Now, in news that confirms that the Turkish government well and
A tailor-made service is offering one-night stands rather than lasting relationships with the purrfect partner. Cat-lovers
Thought your picture of a pet in a top hat was hilariously original? Well think again... The sharing of funny animal pictures
George Osborne may not have proved himself to be a dab hand at saving the economy - but, for an amateur, he's doing a lot
How long have LOLcats been around? Earlier today HuffPost UK News declared that the world's favourite internet meme had been
The internet phenomenon of lolcats was around long before the world wide web it seems, with even the venerable Victorians
Last November, we got crazy as a kitten on catnip over the news that an exhibition of original LOLCATS was making its way
Kittens. And pin-up girls. Kittens who look like pin-up girls. Pin-up girls acting like kittens. If there were ever a medium
Given its infinite potential to enrich our intellects, connect us with people we love and unfurl the great artistic achievements
In breaking news: The Sunhas just discovered the existence of Lolcats. In other breaking news, a 'website' called 'Wikipedia