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With the Rio 2016 Paralympics opening ceremony less than 100 days away, the Games will put disability in the spotlight. But do the Paralympics have the power to make a lasting change in attitudes to disabled people? Our research shows that the majority of disabled people in Britain are treated differently because they're disabled.
The unemployment rates of young people - held back by political, physical, family, economic or educational obstacles - continue to increase. It is bad in many developed nations, but is in fact far worse in economies that are still in a state of development.
The truth is that in the year since London 2012 discussion of disability has focused on funding cuts, particularly to disability benefits, and once again the future seems very fragile for disabled young people - if not bleak.
London 2012 Paralympic hero David Weir has admitted he did not expect to win the 2013 London Marathon. Weir fell short of
It's only a week since the Opening Ceremony burned into our consciousness and yet as individuals, as a nation, we have travelled such a distance.
Harry holds the ball to hear the bells inside The event contrasted with Harry's recent trip to Las Vegas, which led to global
Oscar Pistorius has issued a speedy apology for his comments about 200m rival Alan Fonteles Oliveira in which he claimed
Real Madrid got one over in the Clásico, Andrew Strauss stepped down as England's Test captain and retired altogether while
Mark Colbourne won Great Britain's first medal of the XIV Paralympic Games at the London 2012 velodrome this afternoon, with
You know something? Edwina Currie really is rather gorgeous for someone who has her foot permanently in her mouth. Yes, the
Former Tory health minister Edwina Currie has caused controversy after she said that Italian athletes taking part in the
One of Britain's greatest ever Paralympians said London 2012 would make people think differently about disabled sport at
Would you break your own toe to win a Paralympic medal? Would you sit on a sharp object or strangulate your testicles? It's
The London 2012 Paralympics begin on 29 August to offer the Great British public an additional 11 days' multi-sport event