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Open studios are nothing new to arts festivals but this year's Dulwich Festival also includes Artists' Open Houses. As the many house programs on all TV stations prove, we are a country of home voyeurs.
Tahnee Lonsdale is a painter with a fearless approach to colour. They tell stories of life with its ups and downs, of success, but ultimately they are about the fragility that makes us humans. A search unravels in each painting.
With Spring on the horizon, a brand new piece of artwork is one of the best ways to breathe new life into home interiors. New to the art scene, Caiger Contemporary Art is showcasing the work of 14 exciting artists in an exhibition set to be full of the joys of Spring.
It's London, 2013. In pursuit of inspiration, fresh thinking and contemporary salon-style cross pollination of art, architecture, life and design, the one place to seek out new talent - is COUP.
From homicides to war, the human condition and homosexuality to great achievements, sex trafficking to acid-burning of women, the common thread running underneath these photographs, selected out of over 103,000 entries worldwide, is the deep seated human desire to live out a life of irrevocable dignity.
This excerpt from ****So Yeah, 2013 by Sophie Jung gives a flavour of the kind of stream of consciousness ramblings in the audio that accompanies some of the works in her solo exhibition Learning About Heraldry. Words are important to her.
In London, for instance, our 1,030 museums and galleries and 214 theatres helped attract 15 million international tourists in 2011. With 349 live music venues, 108 cinemas, 10 major concert halls, 337 night clubs and 37,450 restaurants, London punches well above its relatively tiny weight and gains massively as a result.