London Bombings

Peace - a top theme during the festive season - is often thought of as the cure-all for problems on different scales, whether global, local or familiar. Understandably so, because when we achieve peace, we thrive as nations, communities, families, and individuals.
It is a phone call no one hopes they ever have to make, and one that probably haunts a London office worker to this very
A defiant Boris Johnson has said that ten years on from 7/7, London is a better city than ever before. In an exclusive blog
That evening, as I absorbed the news, I made a vow to travel by tube the next morning, because if I didn't, my thoughts were that I would not step foot on another underground train for fear of what it might bring. I remember my intense apprehension on the Northern Line platform at Waterloo as the tube doors opened to reveal an empty carriage.
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Miriam Hyman was my little sister and only sibling. The Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust was established 2008 in response to Miriam's death in the Tavistock Square explosion on 7 July 2005. In 2008 her memorial: the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre in Odisha, one of India's most deprived states.
To mark the 10 year anniversary of the London 7/7 terrorist attacks, HuffPost UK is running Beyond The Bombings, a special
After several hours sitting in pubs and walking the streets we attempted a retreat back to the flat, only to be told that we wouldn't be let in 'for a few days'. Transport had re-started on a minimal scale by this time, but there was no way that we were getting south of the river tonight.
There is a constant deluge of images being uploaded online every second as we speak. On social networks like Facebook and Google+, and online forums like Reddit and 4chan, millions of photos are being uploaded by users who click them with the now ubiquitous smartphone cameras.
Extradition, in other words, does nothing for the fight against terrorism. On the contrary, it is a self-serving red-herring designed to conceal the dubious systemic failures of British and American security agencies from public knowledge, while vindicating their unaccountable powers to override the rule of law.