London Bombings

Four would-be bombers, who launched a failed plot to terrorise London days after the 7/7 attacks, are to launch a legal bid
A July 7 bomber's widow, suspected of being part of a terror cell, has fled Kenya for Somalia, a top police official has
A woman using the name of the widow of one of the July 7 bombers is on a Kenyan police wanted list over a suspected terrorist
Artists can help us make sense of the complexities of the society we live in and to re-imagine our role within it. They can't stop wars or riots, but they can offer a way to understand better what the challenges are.
When they are given the opportunity, Muslim women are integrating, participating in civic, economic and social life while raising children who are productive members of society. In the last decade, Muslim women may have developed their religious identity, but it is now time to strengthen their national identity.