london book fair

Books are a window into another world, whether real or imaginary. They give us the opportunity to imagine life in someone else's shoes, to understand their hopes, dreams, perspectives and cultures. As Ian McEwan puts it so beautifully, "Imagining what it is like to be someone other than yourself is at the core of our humanity...
So where does the blame lie? In the complacent self-sustaining world of publishing, where agents and publishers alike employ young, middle class interns to weed out the chaff and find the next big thing. Except of course most of these readers, being young and middle class, haven't actually got a clue about good writing OR the real world...
Romania has been a constant presence at the London Book Fair since 2007 and I pay my tribute of admiration to so many writers, publishers, translators and literary promoters who, along these eight years, have showcased the excellence of Romanian literature and established lasting relations between Romania and the UK.
A curious thing happened to me at the London Book Fair. As an Indie author, my first stop was the various Indie author panels
I am a self-published writer and 2015 is promising to be a good year for us indie writers. The caricature of the self-published writer has tended to be one of a retired male, often embittered and full of life's disappointments, putting the world to right. However, new research has recently exploded that myth.
An athlete, an MP, a jailbird for perjury and a best-selling author, published in 97 countries, in more than 37 languages
Students are not only embracing digital devices - including eReaders, smartphones and laptop computers - they are completely dependent on them and eTextbooks open up a whole new world for those students.
Beijing-based Tibetan poet Tsering Woeser believes China's writers are "castrated". Censorship and state crackdowns, Woeser
This year's London Book Fair is a sign of China's increasing international engagement and visibility. Elsewhere, by the end of August 2011, 353 Confucius Institutes had been established in 104 countries. There is no reason to think that this international cultural and educational expansion won't continue - the Chinese government aims to increase that total to one thousand by 2020. How things have changed.