London Borough of Newham

The mayor of the hard-hit east London borough has also demanded more financial support for isolating workers.
NHS volunteer responders across England will also take part.
David Gomoh, 24, was stabbed to death in Newham just days before the funeral of his father, who died of a coronavirus-related illness.
Stratford Centre in Newham, London has become a homeless shelter in recent months as the rates of homeless rise across the city. One local group entire funded by donations is Hope for Newham, they have gone from providing meals every Tuesday night to 35 people to now feeding over 130 each Tuesday.
The result will be seen as a victory for Jeremy Corbyn’s wing of the party.
'I'd be the first directly elected woman of colour' in the UK.
UK’s longest-serving mayor could be ousted
A second teen suffered potentially life-changing injuries.
A 14-year-old boy has died after being gunned down in an east London double shooting described by police as an “extreme act