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LOCO is the London Comedy Film Festival and this year coming it is spread over four days. Arriving in London on the most miserable week of the year, 23 - 26 January hopefully the films, panel discussions and workshops will give you something to smile about.
It was hard not to feel at least a little pulse of dread across your guts whenever you saw The Tunnel coming up in the diary. The audience was volatile and unpredictable. Often they'd be good as gold, but if they decided to heckle, you could expect anything from brilliant and witty to mob aggression or flying objects.
Over the years I have been to numerous comedy gigs in numerous states of frivolity. I have been to many in a grumpy mood in the search of some light hearted solace to adorn my soon to be split sides. I have also arrived in such a state that I am surprised that the security staff even let me in. This brings me onto my point, if I actually have one that is. How should you, the audience act at a comedy gig?
And here of course, we have a royal baby. Really cheers you up. Apparently the queues at the food-banks have never been happier. And it's great to see that at least there's one family dependent on state benefits who aren't being penalised by the Bedroom Tax.
It's that time again. A couple of thousand people in the U.K have made the decision to talk about funny things for an entire hour in front of strangers, in preparation to talk for an hour every day in the month of August in front of other strangers. After three years, I still question why I do this.
Such is the tedium served up these days, making stark the realisation that the bile and satire of 30 years ago has vanished. Watching such inchoate comedy (I'm not sure it's even stand-up) is like having your leg humped by a glove puppet: it's attention grabbing but without the necessary aggression which is key to the best comedy.
ComComedy continue their relentless pursuit of the largest laughs in town.
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First there was One Man, Two Guv'nors. Then there was the National Theatre's The Comedy Of Errors. And now, after garnering