London Cyclists

A Parliamentary safety group is urging London Mayor Boris Johnson to hold a safety summit following the spate of cyclists
Some countries are truly a two-wheel paradise. But it seems London is not one of them. At midnight last night another cyclist
A cyclist hit by a bus in Croydon on Tueday has died after a two-day battle. Forest Hill’s Roger William De Klerk, a 43-year
With the weather (allegedly) improving, the spring ushers in scores of new cyclists to the city's streets. Cycling is a 'good thing', but with the greater density of cyclists on the road, it can be intimidating for those wanting to give it a go.
Addison Lee boss John Griffin, chief of one of Britain's largest cab firms, has caused outrage again this week after claiming
My feelings towards city cycling have changes since I fell pregnant a few months back. I feel a heightened sense of the risks given the responsibility I've now got. I'm still getting on my bike but when I do, it's with a far greater awareness of the risks. It IS scary out there sometimes but it shouldn't be.
Here is the clincher for Londoners that use the train, tube, dlr or bus to commute to work. Imagine if people didn't cycle. Imagine if another quarter of a million people were to join you on your daily commute; another 250,000 people cramming, pushing and shoving themselves onto the city's already dangerously overcrowded trains and buses.
A year ago today a young man I knew became another statistic. One of the 16 cyclists killed on London's roads last year. Two-thirds of which were (like him) killed by HGVs. The majority of these deaths (like his) happened after large vehicles turned across the cyclist's path.
Statistics for women cyclists in London are not good. In 2009 it was found that 10 out of 13 cyclists killed on the road were female. Considering that three times the amount of men on two wheels are hitting the roads than women, that's a daunting statistic.