London food

My sister tells the story best. She lived in Manhattan for a year and, during her one and only trip to the dentist, she was having her molars examined - as you do - and then the dentist suddenly broke-off into a Woody Allen-esque rant about the joys of KFC... No, not the Colonel's ubiquitous fried chicken takeaway. This guy was in love with the Korean hybrid.
Celebrating this diversity, Mayor Sadiq Khan's recent social media initiative has called on foodies to share their #MyLondonDish as a way of showcasing the myriad of cuisines and cultures intertwined across the thousands of restaurants, cafés, shops, street stalls and markets. I have far too many favourites to name just the one dish, so here's rounding up a fair few which pay homage to London's global food scene...
With its aromatic flavours and rich spices, traditional Thai cuisine is a Londoner's favourite. From the trendy street food of East London to the authentic fine dining restaurants of the West End, South-East Asian aromas permeate the city's streets throughout the week.
I'm an emotional wreck. My boat of foodie criticism, of which I am both captain and cabin boy, has this week been buffeted by heartless winds and raging seas, before unexpected waters of calm are again suddenly whipped into cruel storms...
The first is Rabbit and the second is John Doe. Sod Michelin, with its mincing implore that a place is 'worth a detour'. These restaurants are a worth car crash. I'd pinch Chris Eubank's stupid big truck and drive it through several houses if that was the most direct route to Rabbit or John Doe.
The menu was classic, it had promise... But the two-million pound refurbish, the high-ceilingness, the excellent wines and great service simply could not disguise the hollowness that existed at the centre of my experience.
Thus the menu at The Crown when Aldo came to cook this week reflected the dishes of his childhood. The local sparkie, tyre-man, the farmers, a smattering of music producers (they get everywhere these days) and an excitable crowd of yummy mummies ate five courses, churned out by an increasingly sweaty Zilli, working at the pass with the very gifted pub chef, Felan Hennigan.
The summer is finally here (hurrah!) and with the sun shining there's no better time to indulge in some tasty street food
Marcus Wareing has freshened up his restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel, reducing the title to just his Christian name as part of his attempt to informalise the joint a little. He has spotted that formal dining is not so all the rage right now...
Both my guest and I (guest? It was my mum) got a bit lost as we wended our way to the Great Northern Hotel this week, which sits between the newly-refurbished King's Cross Station and its close neighbour St. Pancras. It's all those exits - utterly baffling.