London food

Spice Market London - which is adjoined to the neon-glowing W Hotel just off Leicester Square - is strictly an Asian fusion place. Elements of Malaysian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine are weaved into the menu.
The Dîner des Grands Chefs is in its third year, first they took their knives and expertise to the Château de Versailles, last year it was Gotham Hall in New York. Just 600 places are up for grabs as the former fish market on the banks of the Thames, Old Billingsgate, is transformed into 'theatre of food'.
It's 7:45, we've been queuing for almost an hour and we're nowhere near the front. My friend's loafers are failing to keep her toes warm in sub-zero temperatures. My other friend keeps wiping her runny nose on her glove, and another has lost the will to talk completely. We are in the queue for Meat Liquor, London's restaurant du jour, waiting for what should probably be the best burgers of our entire lives.