london housing market

Six months of house-hunting in London and I still haven't sealed the deal. But I have met estate agents. Dozens of them. And it is almost unsettling; they have not been the rude, arrogant, cretinous benders-of-the-truth that the generalisation might suggest. They are different. Or, more accurately: indifferent... I wanted to interview one of these guys to see what the market looks like from their end...
Despite reports that the UK property market's ever-soaring prices were calming down, London continues to amaze as a tiny
Londoners, here’s another one of those annoying articles that brags about how much bang for your buck you’d get basically
A senior Tory MP has insisted that he was not intending to tell Londoners to "bugger off to Manchester" if they could not
Interest rates will have to rise in Britain early next year to head off the overheating housing market, the Confederation
A £2 million, three-storey villa off London's exclusive Kensington High Street has gone on sale, with one problem: even the