london housing

Renting is not a super appealing option either. Those wanting to reap the career benefits of working in London will have to pay two thirds of their monthly pay packet for a two bed flat. It's these kinds of prices that make you want to cry into your £6 quinoa salad on your two hour commute to work everyday.
As a London MP, I see the consequences of those failures every week in my surgeries. Young people forced to live in their parent's home until well into their 30s, couples renting in the private sector and struggling to save for a deposit, and families living in overcrowded conditions. Worst of all, there are far too many people who can't find anywhere to live at all. They need our help, and that's the purpose of the Housing White Paper we have published today.
In the midst of this unprecedented housing crisis, London deserves a mayor who will truly appreciate their needs, and not, as the current Tory mayor has done, undermine councils' efforts to build affordable housing by overruling them. I want to see a city that gives the same opportunities to my children as my parents were able to give to me... A city where buying or renting a home for young people on average or below-average incomes is a reality and not a fantasy.
Do we really want great institutions like the London School of Economics and Imperial College to be effectively closed to our own young people because they can't afford to live in London? I hope the universities themselves will agree that would be a terrible prospect - which is why I hope in time they'll also come to value and respect the concept of the Student Living Rent.
Regeneration should be first and foremost about the residents of the community who belong there; otherwise we really should ask this question in the coming mayoral election: who are these gentrification projects really for?
The current residents need to like you. They need to meet you, laugh at your jokes, and envisage a future of movie nights and sharing chores and decide whether they're ready to bring you into their life. Beyond meeting for a first date, this sh** is serious. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and having to decide there on the spot if you want to live with them. Weird, right?
London's housing crisis is not new - but we never see it tackled with the urgency it deserves. That's why Tessa's plan is different, and that's why Tessa is different. If we want to deliver the change that London needs, we need to win, we need to have a plan, and we need someone to deliver.
Has there ever been an election where housing (or the lack of it) has been so high on the agenda? There can be no questioning of the fact that the current young generations are having things much more difficult when it comes to affording homes whether it be owning them or renting them and whilst this is in general a national problem the issue is highly acute in London.
Smashing communities, laying up trouble and expense for the future. What can we do? Politicians are criminals. Vote for who you believe in. Tactical voting is rubbish. After the election, fight for every issue. Demonstrate. Build the public debate. Talk to people. The social media can help to build a wave of opposition to government crimes against humanity. Talk, talk, inform yourself. And most important show your face: Demonstrate. Build the opposition, see what happens - take it from there.
I intended helping these people, but help is just that - giving them the opportunity to change their lives - not keep them in a dependency status quo. The sacrifices those that brought me up made have instilled in me the same desire and drive to improve my life and work hard to try to improve the world around me.