london knife crime

Four people were attacked from behind in an apparent knifing spree.
The latest stats show knife-related crimes are at their highest numbers for nine years – a 45.7% increase. While the government and police debate how best to tackle the crisis, some community figures are taking it upon themselves to stem the flow of murders. In 2014 Dwayne Simpson was murdered when he tried to intervene in a fight not far from his home in South London. In response Dwayne's mother Lorraine set up a boxing gym to honour his legacy of community outreach.
Knife crime is caused by many things that have nothing to do with police powers.
In February and March 37 Londoners were fatally stabbed or shot, compared with 33 in NYC
One of the first things we teach our children at they learn to fend for themselves is the practicality of how to use a knife
A policeman has tweeted a shocking picture of a gigantic knife he seized on the streets of London. Sgt David Hunt was called
Police have arrested a fourth person in the investigation into the brutal killing of a man outside a north London pub following
A teenage girl has denied that she kicked a dying schoolboy in the head after he was stabbed at an Underground station. Sofyen