london mayoral election

This morning the sun is out in London. This morning we've all got a chance to make history by voting for the first political party - the only political party - that puts equality for women front and centre of all of its policies.
I'm standing to be Mayor to take that huge success we've seen under Boris, and make it work for all Londoners... Between now and the close of polls I'll be campaigning with everything I have. With your help, I will make Greater London, greater still.
There is a choice at this election. London is the greatest city in the world, but we're at a crossroads. Londoners can vote for a candidate who will fight for ordinary citizens, or they can vote for four more years of the same. They can vote for hope and diversity, or they can vote for fear.
If that 'unheard third' of voters had spoiled their ballots they would have outnumbered all the other parties. Spoiling your ballot shows you cared enough to vote for nobody, rather than that you couldn't be arsed to vote at all. Surely that's a better legacy for millennials than the one we've already got?
Know the candidates and manifestos before you got to the polling station.
We're really excited that you're the new Mayor of London. Perhaps even more excited than you are judging by your campaigns. We're particularly pleased that you're the new Mayor because Lola's fifth birthday is soon and now Mr Johnson is freed up to come and do the entertainment. He seems like somebody who could make a really good balloon puppy.
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If you make a mistake on your ballot paper, don't worry.