london mayoral election

With friends like George Galloway, Corbyn doesn't need enemies. Despite describing himself as an old friend of the Labour leader, he has decided to make a nuisance of himself in these all-important local elections... It's no secret that Corbyn is short of friends in the Labour Party, which begs the question, who does Galloway think he is helping? Sadly I suspect it's himself.
Tomorrow (Thursday) Londoners will go to the polls and elect the UK's capital next mayor. And earlier this week I wrote about an encouraging new report, by the think tank Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR). The report outlined how London could establish itself as a global green city.
As A-level students at a sixth-form college in south-east London, we have a real passion for politics and we're especially interested in the impact of policy on working-class young people. We might be unusual in our interests, but surely that's all the more reason to support us. Or so you'd think.
This article is about the previous 5 May local elections. Information on how to find your polling station for the EU Referendum
Zac Goldsmith's attempt to burnish his cultural credentials have once again backfired, after he floundered trying to translate
'I voted for resettling 3,000 Syrian children: that's the type of mayor we need.'
The assembly, organised by community and faith groups, took place in front of 6,000 voters from every borough in London. Khan
We found that the Labour candidate had attracted twice as many negative headlines as his Tory rival. Nearly all the negative headlines relating to Khan came within the first ten pages of the paper where they would be most likely to be seen. Three of them were on the front page. Negative headlines about Goldsmith mostly got buried at the back.
Come a few weeks time I, and many others, will be asked to trudge down to a local polling station to share an opinion on who we think should run London, followed by a vote on the EU. Many people across the country will vote on even more things, such as the Police and Crime Commissioner and council members. It's voting season.