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The student calendar is usually defined by protests and exams, and the odd moment of debauchery. But this year has thrown
Overseas students make a major contribution to the UK economy, not just to UK universities. The government's own impact assessment report on the reform of the student immigration system estimated the changes being imposed on student visas would generate a loss of c£2.4 billion over four years.
A mini clearing system for students caught up in the decision to strip London Metropolitan University of its right to sponsor
The UK Border Agency has been accused of causing "chaos" in the student visa system - as a university stripped of its ability
Banning a university from recruiting non-European Union students creates "an appalling image" of Britain around the world
Immigration minister Damian Green has suggested London Metropolitan university was stripped of its powers to authorise visas
The sale of alcohol could be banned on a university campus as staff claim the provision of drink-free areas on the campus
Four builders were injured today in a "non-terrorist" explosion at a police station. The building in Croydon, south London
London Metropolitan University has been fined £5.9m by for over-recruiting more than 1,500 students than it was allowed to