London Olympics 2012

The Future Flames idea is sick... and something that I feel really strongly about. It takes young kids from different parts of the country that are really doing great things for their area - these kids are pushing positivity despite the issues or problems that life has thrown at them. These kids have used their passions to inspire others and having met some of them - its pretty humbling. They have all done amazing things and it just really drills down to what it's all about. These youngsters are our heroes of tomorrow and I feel very lucky to be involved with such a thing.
Hundreds of passengers stranded because of a faulty Tube train are to be given £40 each in compensation amid claims that
A device which can be used as a sonic weapon is being deployed in London for the Olympics. The American-built long range
Almost half of the courtrooms handling the most serious criminal cases in the capital will be closed down by the Olympics
I'm thrilled the Olympics are happening in East London, it will literally be like running in my own backyard. When my family came over from Ghana in the '60s we settled in the East End and it's always been my home; plus I can nip home for a cup of tea with my Mum - something I couldn't do at the Beijing Olympic Games!
Tessa Jowell has called on Adidas to change their practices following a War on Want report alleging some of their workers
A laser light display brought a vibrant rainbow to the night skies of North Tyneside, to mark the 2012 Cultural Olympiad
Giant Olympic rings were launched on to the River Thames today to mark 150 days until the start of the London Games. The
The London Olympic ticketing process has been secretive and risks damaging public trust, according to a report by a London
George Clooney is desperate to get his hands on tickets to this year's Olympics in London. The Ocean's Eleven star's schedule
Following my recent article regards The Rolling Stones possibly performing a 50th Year Anniversary gig in July 2012 - other possible appearance rumours have since circulated in the press suggesting another likely occasion.
One of the last chances to grab tickets for the Olympic Games has kicked off, as the official resale portal for people to
As 2012 looms, the questions are still being asked: will it be a triumph or a tragedy, a uniquely exciting moment or a great missed opportunity? Will the Olympics drain away much-needed arts funding, or enhance the standing of UK culture around the world?
Amnesty International has protested the decision to award an Olympic contract to a company that since 2001 has been the owner
London's Mayor has come under attack after announcing that bus and Tube fares in the capital will rise by an above-inflation
London topped Paris to win the Games in 2005 with a promise to deliver the greenest games ever. Yet how can an event with 10.8 million tickets which mobilises more than 17,000 athletes, 20,0000 journalists and countless spectators from around the world possibly be green?